Disabling HII drivers

If there are drivers in your repository that you no longer want to use, you can find them in the repository and disable them. They will no longer be used when you use provisioning scripts that include hardware-independent imaging.

To disable drivers in your HII library
  1. Click Tools > Provisioning > HII Driver Management.
  2. Click the Disable Drivers toolbar button.
  3. To search by name in the driver library, type all or part of the driver filename and click Search.
  4. To filter your search, select items in the OS and Architecture lists.

    Items matching your search specifications are listed under Devices.

  5. Select one or multiple items in the list, or click Select All.
  6. Click Update or Update and Close to change the status of the drivers to disabled. If you click Update and Close, you'll be returned to the HII Driver Management tool.