Creating a driver repository

As you plan and define the images you want to use for managed devices, you'll decide which drivers you want to use. To use these drivers for hardware-independent imaging, you create a repository of drivers that is saved in one location (by default, on the Endpoint Manager and Security core server). The drivers are then available for any deployment or provisioning script you want to run.

This location needs to be available as a UNC path and also as an HTTP location (URL) because HII relies on both methods to download drivers.

Your HII driver repository must be located on a preferred server, which you can define in Tools > Provisioning > Content Replication/Preferred Servers.

To create a repository, you need to save the driver files in a folder. You must include a .inf file for each driver. The HII tool scans the folder and creates a drivers.db3 file that is used to match device hardware with the appropriate drivers.

Additional information about the HII driver repository can be found on the Ivanti Community:

To create a driver repository
  1. Click Tools > Provisioning > HII Driver Management.
  2. Click the Build library toolbar button.
  3. Verify that the repository location is correct as a UNC path. If driver files are stored in a different location, click Browse and select your repository folder.
  4. Verify that the URL to the same repository location is correct.
  5. Click Save. The HII tool scans the repository folder and builds a list of drivers. When it is complete, a success message indicates a repository file count (how many files were found) and the number of drivers processed (how many individual drivers were found).
  6. Each time you add driver files to the repository folder, repeat steps 1-5 to update the drivers.db3 file with the new data.