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Configure a provisioning template

Follow these steps to configure a template.

To configure a provisioning template
  1. In the OS provisioning tree, double-click a provisioning template.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Action list.
  3. In the middle pane, select the section in which you want the action to occur.
    • System migration: Features and components that need to be saved before modifying the system or when migrating a device to other hardware or a virtual machine. For example, this section can include an action to capture profile information when migrating to Windows Vista.
    • Pre-OS installation: Actions that are performed when the device boots into a pre-installation environment (Windows PE). For example, on a server you would add RAID configuration in this section.
    • OS Install: Actions that are performed in the pre-installation environment (Windows PE) when the OS is installed.
    • Post-OS Installation: Actions that are performed in the target operating system after it has been installed, such as running a patch management task.
    • System configuration: Additional application installation/execution and system configuration in the installed OS. For example, add driver installation tasks to this section.
  4. Click Add.
  5. In the Name field, type a specific name for the action.
  6. In the Description field, type a detailed description of the action.
  7. In the Type list, select an action type.
  8. Under Action variables, click Add to add a variable that applies to this action only. Specify the values in the text boxes, select the variable type, and click OK.
  9. Under Selected action properties, complete the data required for the action type. This data varies depending on the action type you selected.
  10. When the action is defined, click Apply to save it and continue editing the template. When you have finished defining the template, click OK.


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