USB-based disconnected provisioning templates

If you want to provision devices that can't see a core server or that use slow WAN links, you can create a disconnected provisioning template on a USB thumb drive. When you do this, OS provisioning makes the thumb drive bootable and copies the necessary files, such as Windows PE, drivers, the OS image you're deploying, and so on, to the USB drive.

When using a disconnected provisioning template, any template actions that require a core server will still fail if the device can't see the core server. This includes software distribution and patch actions.

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To create a USB-based disconnected provisioning template
  1. Connect a USB drive with enough space to hold your image and the provisioning files.
  2. Click Tools > Provisioning > OS Provisioning.
  3. In the Provisioning templates tree, right-click the provisioning template you want and click Create disconnected template.
  4. Select the drive letter your USB drive is using.
  5. Click Create and wait for the file copying to finish.