Included templates

The Template view displays the templates that are included in the current template (included templates are also known as child templates). You can view included templates and add templates to the current template. Once a template is included with another template, it is part of the parent template. If you change the included template in its original stand-alone form, it is changed in the parent template package, too.

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To include a template, its boot environment and target OS must match the template setting of the parent template.

To add a template to the current template
  1. Click Tools > Provisioning > OS provisioning.
  2. Under Provisioning templates, click Public or My templates to display templates.
  3. Double-click a template.
  4. In the Template view, click Includes.
  5. Click the Include button.
  6. Using the tree structure, navigate to the template you want to include, select it, and click OK.

The Template information section displays details about the template that may be useful in deciding whether to include the template.

To delete a template from the list of included templates, select the template and click Remove.

Not Applicable is treated as a wildcard.