Template properties

Use the template Properties view to display the template information from the time the template was created.

To view template properties
  1. Click Tools > Provisioning > OS provisioning.
  2. Under Provisioning templates, click Public or My templates or one of their subgroups.
  3. Right-click a template, and click Properties. The following information is displayed:
    • Template name: The name of the template.
    • Description: The description of the template.
    • Owner name: The core server and login name of the person who has rights to run the template. If the template is in a Public folder, this name is Public User.
    • Boot environment: The preboot environment the template boots into (Windows PE).
    • Target OS: The target operating system of the template.

Templates in the My templates folder are visible to others but can only be edited by the template's creator or users with Administrator rights.