Management and Security

Query groups

Queries can be organized into groups in the network view. Create new queries (and new query groups) by right-clicking the My queries group and selecting New query or New group, respectively.

A Ivanti® Endpoint Manager administrator (user with Endpoint Manager Administrator rights) can view the contents of all of the query groups, including My queries, Public queries, and All queries.

When other Endpoint Manager users log in to the console, they can see queries in the My queries, Public queries, and All queries groups, based on their device scope.

When you move a query to a group (by right-clicking and selecting Group > Add to new group or Group > Add to existing group), or by dragging and dropping the query, you're actually creating a copy of the query. You can remove the copy in any query group and the master copy of the query (in the All queries group) isn't affected. If you want to delete the master copy, you can do it from the All queries group.

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