Database queries

Queries are customized searches for managed devices. Ivanti® Endpoint Manager provides a method for you to query devices that have been scanned into your core database via database queries, as well as a method for you to query for devices located in other directories via LDAP queries. You view, create and organize database queries with the Queries groups in the console's network view.

Queries help you manage your network by allowing you to search for and organize network devices that are in the core database, based on specific system or user criteria.

For example, you can create and run a query that captures only devices with a processor clock speed of less than 2 GHz, or with less than 1024 MB of RAM, or a hard drive of less than 20 GB. Create one or more query statements that represent those conditions and relate statements to each other using standard logical operators. When the queries are run, you can print the results of the query, and access and manage the matching devices.

Use the New query dialog to build a query by selecting from attributes, relational operators, and the attribute's values. Build a query statement by choosing an inventory attribute and relating it to an acceptable value. Logically relate the query statements to each other to ensure they're evaluated as a group before relating them to other statements or groups.

Additional information about queries

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