About the Advanced LDAP query dialog box

From the Basic LDAP query dialog, click Advanced to open the Advanced LDAP query dialog, which displays the following:

  • LDAP query root: Lets you select a root object in the directory for this query. The query that you're creating will return results from this point in the tree down.
  • LDAP query: Lets you create a query using the elements of a basic LDAP query but in a freeform manner.
  • Examples: Displays query examples you can use as a guide when creating your own query in freeform.
  • Test query: Lets you execute a test of the query you have created.

The Advanced LDAP query dialog appears when you edit a query that has already been created. Also, if you select an LDAP group in directory manager and then create a query from that point, the Advanced LDAP query dialog appears with a default query that returns the users who are members of that group. You can't change the syntax of this default query; only save the query.