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About the Basic LDAP query dialog box

  • LDAP query root: Select a root object in the directory for this query (LDAP:// = America.o = xyzcompany). The query that you're creating will return results from this point in the tree down.
  • LDAP attributes: Select attributes for user-type objects.
  • Operator: Select the type of operation to perform relating to an LDAP object, its attributes, and attribute values including equal to (=), less than or equal to (<=), and greater than or equal to (>=).
  • Value: Specify the value assigned to the attribute of an LDAP object.
  • AND/OR/NOT: Boolean operators that you can select for your query conditions.
  • Test query: Execute a test of the query you've created.
  • Save: Save the created query by name.
  • Advanced: Create a query using the elements of a basic LDAP query but in a freeform manner.
  • Insert: Insert a line of query criteria.
  • Delete: Delete a selected line of criteria.
  • Clear all: Clear all lines of query criteria.

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