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Create an LDAP directory query

The task of creating a query for a directory and saving that query is divided into two procedures:

To select an object in the LDAP directory and initiate a new query
  1. From the Network view, click Directory > (your configured active directory) > Browse directory.
  2. Right-click an object in the LDAP directory and click New query. You'll create an LDAP query that returns results from this point in the directory tree down.
  3. The Basic LDAP query dialog box appears.
To create, test, and save the query
  1. From the Basic LDAP query dialog box, click an attribute that will be a criterion for the query from the list of directory attributes (example = department).
  2. Click a comparison operator for the query (=,<=, >=) .
  3. Enter a value for the attribute (example department = engineering).
  4. To create a complex query that combines multiple attributes, select a combination operator (AND or OR) and repeat steps 1 through 3 as many times as you want.
  5. When you finish creating the query, click Insert.
  6. To test the completed query, click Test query.
  7. To save the query, click Save. The saved query will appear by name under Saved queries in the directory pane of directory manager.

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