Management and Security

Understanding the "Edit public" right

A tool's Public group is visible to all users. Items in the public group are read-only, unless you have the "Edit public" right. Users that have "Edit public" rights on a feature can only edit public items for that feature. Other public items will be read-only. Read-only items are still useful, since users can copy those items to the "My ..." tree group and edit them there.

The Scheduled tasks tool's Public group works slightly differently. All tasks in the Public group are visible to users with a "deploy" right, including tasks for features users may not have access to. However, only tasks that users have a "Deploy" right for are editable. The rest are read-only.

If you have "Edit Public" and "Deploy" right types, you can create new tasks in the Public group as well as add/remove tasks from it.

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