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Viewing user or group properties

In the Administration > Users management tree, you can right-click a user or group in the right pane and click Properties. This properties dialog box shows all the properties and effective rights for that user. The properties dialog box has the following pages:

  • Summary: Summarizes that user's/group's roles, scopes, teams, group membership, and effective rights.
  • Effective rights: Shows a more detailed view of the user's/group's effective rights.
  • Roles: Shows explicit and inherited roles. You can select which explicit roles apply to that user or group.
  • Scopes: Shows explicit and inherited scopes. You can select which explicit scopes apply to that user or group.
  • Teams: Shows explicit and inherited teams. You can select which explicit teams apply to that user or group.
  • RC time restrictions: Allows you to apply and modify RC time restrictions. For more information, see Using remote control time restrictions.
  • Group membership: Shows which groups that user is a member of.
  • Group members: Shows the members of a group if a group is selected. Shows the group a user is a member of if a user is selected.

If you make changes to the editable pages, you need to click OK to apply them. You can then re-open the properties dialog box if necessary.

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