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Adjusting the directory query frequency

A utility called Resolveusergroups.exe runs periodically (every 20 minutes) to refresh the list of Ivanti® Endpoint Manager powered by Landesk console users.

Once the user list is resolved, it is placed in cache and used until Resolveusergroups.exe runs again. In some Active Directory environments, if the TTL values are too small, some of the resolved user accounts may have crossed the TTL threshold before all of the accounts are resolved. This causes the cache to be refreshed again and again, and the console loads very slowly.

If this happens in your environment, change the default TTL settings for Resolveusergroups.exe. You can run Resolveusergroups.exe /? to see its usage. The TTL values are in seconds. This is a specific example that sets the TTL values to the maximum:

Resolveusergroups.exe /verbose /TTL 600 /LDTTL 60

Any changes to the TTL values are written to the KeyValue table in the database (GroupResolutionTTL and LocalLDGroupResolutionTTL), so they are persistent.

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