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Add Endpoint Manager console users

Endpoint Manager users can log in to the console and perform specific tasks for specific devices on the network. The user that is logged in to the server during Endpoint Manager installation is automatically placed into the Windows LANDesk Administrators user group, which gives them full administrator permissions. This individual is responsible for adding additional groups of users to the console and assigning permissions and scopes. Once other administrators have been created, they can perform the same administrative tasks.

To add users to a LANDesk group from the Windows Computer Management dialog box
  1. Navigate to the server's Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Groups utility.
  2. Right-click the LANDesk group you want, and then click Add to group.
  3. In the group's Properties dialog box, click Add.
  4. In the Select the users and groups dialog box, select the desired users (and groups) from the list and click Add.
  5. Click OK.
To add a Endpoint Manager console user or group
  1. Click Tools > Administration > User management.
  2. In the Users and groups tree, right-click the authentication source containing the user or group you want, and click New user or group.
  3. In the authentication source directory, select the user or group you want to add and click Add. If you want to select individual users within a group, right-click the group and click Select users to add. You can then select the users you want and click Add selected users.
  4. In the dialog box reminding you to manually add the user or group you selected to the appropriate local LANDesk Windows group, click OK.
  5. Click Close.
  6. If you haven't already, use the Windows Local Users and Groups tool to add the new user or group to the appropriate local LANDesk Windows group as described earlier in this section.
  7. Assign roles and scopes to the new user or group.

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