Remote control help desk console (2019.1 and newer)

Endpoint Manager 2019.1 adds a new lightweight standalone remote control help desk console. Use this console to easily view remote devices. Before you can use the help desk console, you must log into it with your core server credentials. The help desk console obeys user scopes configured on the core server it's connected to.

The console can connect to devices running remote control agents, devices connected to configured remote control tunnels, or devices running the agentless remote control application. For more information on configuring tunnels, see Remote control tunnel configuration.

Self-contained Windows .exe and macOS .dmg versions of the help desk console application are available on the core server here:

  • C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\remotecontrol\RCViewer

You can copy these files elsewhere or give them to your support personnel.

To use the help desk console
  1. Navigate to the location containing the Windows RCViewer.exe or macOS RCViewer.dmg application and run it.
  2. When the viewer launches, provide your Core server's IP address or FQDN, Username, and Password. A user can remain logged-in for eight hours. After that they'll need to reauthenticate.
  3. When the viewer successfully connects, it shows a list up to 100 connectable devices. This initial list doesn't include all connectable devices and it may not include the device you want. Use the search boxes to quickly narrow the list. There's a global Search box at the top right. You can also use the Display Name, Owner, and IP Address search boxes in the Devices list to search just those columns. A search will provide up to 100 matching results for text that you enter.
  4. Select the device you want. A panel opens on the right summarizing the device information. Click Connect to remote control that device. If the selected device is an agentless connection, you can enter the PIN provided by the remote user.