Controlling devices that have multiple monitors with HTML remote control (legacy)

HTML remote control supports devices that have multiple monitors attached to them. When you remote control such a device, the remote control window only shows the primary display.

The toolbar's Monitors button lets you select the displays you want to see. In the image below, the right monitor is selected on a device with three monitors.

Clicking a monitor will toggle its selection. You can change your monitor selections at any time during a session. If you select more than one monitor, all monitors between your selection will be visible, even if they aren't selected in the Monitors thumbnail. The monitor thumbnails are generated when the remote control session starts and they don't dynamically update.

There are two viewing modes when you have multiple monitors selected. The toolbar's Zoom button toggles between them.

  • Unzoomed: In unzoomed mode, all selected monitors are visible at once. Because of the amount of scaling this requires, the remote view may be very small.
  • Zoomed: In zoomed mode, the view isn't scaled. A horizontal scrollbar lets you move among the selected monitors.