Using the drawing tools on remote devices (legacy)

IMPORTANT: Legacy and HTML remote control support was removed in version 2022.

Once you're remotely viewing a device, you can use the drawing tools on it. The drawing tools can help you explain to users what you're doing or highlight information on the remote screen for users to look at. When you use a tool to draw on the screen, both you and the remote user can see what you've drawn. The drawn images stay on both your screens until you click the eraser in the drawing tool palette.

You have three drawing tools to choose from:

  • Pointer: Use the pointer tool to point at objects on screen. When you hold down the left mouse button, the pointer tool is active and a red dot appears under the mouse pointer that makes it easy for users to see where the pointer is. When you release the left mouse button, the dot disappears. You can't change the dot color and it doesn't leave a trail like the pencil tool does.
  • Scribble: Use the scribble tool to draw an arrow, circle an object, make a freehand drawing, etc. You aren't limited to a shape with the scribble tool.
  • Box: Use the box tool to draw a rectangle around an object on the screen. Click where you want a corner of the rectangle to be. Drag to draw a box around the area you want to highlight, then release the mouse button.

You can also use the line thickness and line color drop-down lists to change how your drawings will look. Changes to these items only affect new things that you draw. When you're done drawing, click the eraser button on the drawing palette or close the palette.