Using remote control logging

By default, Endpoint Manager logs remote control actions, including the device being remote controlled and the console doing the remote controlling. You can disable remote control logging if you want or purge remote control log entries older than a date you specify.

If logging is enabled, you can view these remote control reports ( Tools > Reporting/Monitoring > Reports), and in the Reports tool, click Reports > Standard reports > Remote control:

  • Remote control history by operator
  • Remote Control Summary
  • (The list of default reports may vary from one release to another)
To enable or disable remote control logging
  1. In the Endpoint Manager console, click Configure > Remote control logging.
  2. Select or clear the Enable Remote Control History option, depending on your preference.
To purge the remote control log
  1. Click Configure > Remote control logging.
  2. Enter the date you want purged. All entries older than this date will be deleted.
  3. Click Delete history to execute the purge.

If managed devices are using the "Windows NT security" remote control model, there are some additional steps you need to take to make sure that the remote control reports show the right information. With the "Windows NT security" model, both the remote control operator and managed devices must be members of the same Windows domain. You also need to make sure the domain accounts for all remote control operators are in the Remote control operators group in the Remote control agent configuration page. If you don't do this, the remote control report will show the local user as the remote control operator, rather than the actual operator.

Enabling remote control logging to a text file.

You can enable remote control logging to a text file by creating the following registry keys on managed devices:

  • Create the following DWORD value and set it to 1: HKLM\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\Instant Support Suite Console\Container\LogSessionMessages.
  • Create the following string value and set it to a UNC-accessible path (including a trailing backslash) from a managed device: HKLM\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\Instant Support Suite Console\LogPath.

The log's filename is issuser.log.

Changing the remote control mode on target devices 

The Ivanti remote control agent on devices accepts two types of connections:

  • Direct connections from the Ivanti remote control viewer window.
  • Management Gateway connections through a management gateway.

The remote control agent only listens for one type of connection. If you want to change the connection type the agent listens for, double-click the remote control status icon in the target device's system tray and click Switch mode. This toggles the agent between direct mode and gateway mode. Text in the remote control status dialog shows which mode the remote control agent is currently in. You can either have remote users toggle this for you or you can do it through a remote control session. If you do it through a remote control session, the session will disconnect once you click the Switch mode button.