Changing viewer hot key settings (legacy)

The remote control viewer supports the following hot keys (Tools > Options > Hot key settings):

  • Enable hot keys (Ctrl+Alt+H): Enable/Disable hot key availability. Hot keys are enabled by default.
  • Close viewing session (Ctrl+Alt+S): Disconnect the current viewing session. The remote control viewer window stays open.
  • Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete (Ctrl+Alt+D):  Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete to the target device.
  • Lock out remote keyboard and mouse (Ctrl+Alt+K): Enable/Disable the target device's local mouse and keyboard.
  • Toggle full-screen (Ctrl+Alt+M): Toggle the remote control viewer between windowed mode and full screen mode.
  • Send Ctrl+Esc (CTRL+Alt+E): Send Ctrl+Esc to the target device.
  • Toggle mouse and drawn mode: Toggle between drawing mode and normal mouse pointer mode.
  • Fit to screen Define a default hot key sequence for toggling the Fit to screen option on and off.
  • Refresh screen: Retransmit screen data from the remote computer.
  • Refresh data: Send a refresh command (F5) to the remote computer.
  • Disconnect session: End the current remote control session. The viewer window stays open.

You can change a hot key by clicking in the box next to it and pressing the new key combination. The print screen or pause/break keys can't be part of a key combination.

Sending Ctrl+Alt+Del to Windows 7 and newer devices 

The default local security policy on Windows 7 and later devices won't allow Ctrl+Alt+Del from a remote control viewer. To change this, do the following.

To allow Ctrl+Alt+Del on Windows Windows 7 and newer devices
  1. In the Start menu's search box, type gpedit.msc and press Enter.
  2. Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Logon Options > Software Secure Attention Sequence.
  3. Double-click Disable or Enable Software Secure Attention Sequence.
  4. Click Enabled, and in the drop-down list click either Services or Services and Ease of Access applications.
  5. Click OK.