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Troubleshooting remote control sessions

This section describes problems you may encounter when remote controlling a device and possible solutions.

I can't remote control a device

Check that the device has the Ivanti agents loaded.

To check that the Ivanti agents are loaded:
  • In the console's network view, click Properties from the device's shortcut menu. Click the Agents tab and view the loaded agents.
To load the remote control agent
  • Create an agent configuration task in the console and push it to the device, or map a drive from the device to the core server and run the appropriate device configuration task.

Can't transfer files between the console and a target device

Check to see if you're running Norton AntiVirus, and if its Integrity Shield is turned on. If the Integrity Shield is turned on, you must have temporary privileges that let you copy to the directory that the Integrity Shield is protecting.

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