Connect to Remote devices (legacy)

IMPORTANT: Legacy and HTML remote control support was removed entirely in version 2022.

Before you can do any remote control tasks, you must connect to the target device. You can choose to connect directly or through a Ivanti Management Gateway. Only one viewer can communicate with a device at a time, though you can open multiple viewer windows and control different devices at the same time. When you connect to a device, you can see connection messages and status in the Connection messages pane, if that is visible. If it isn't, you can toggle it by clicking View > Connection messages.

To connect to a device
  1. In the network view, right-click the device you want to remote control, and click Remote control, Chat, File transfer, or remote execute.
  2. Once the viewer window appears and connects to the remote device, you can use any of the remote control tools available from the viewer's Tools menu, such as chat, file transfer, reboot, inventory, or remote control.
  3. To end a remote control session, click File > Stop connection.