Configure sources and mirroring

A source server hosts the files that need to be replicated to a preferred server. You can have as many source servers as you want. You'll need to provide read-only credentials to the source server. On the source server, disable anonymous authentication to make sure the read-only credentials work with standard Windows authentication.

When replicating files from source servers, you have two choices for how to handle existing files on the preferred server's destination share:

  1. Leave the share's existing files alone and just copy new/changed files.
  2. Enable mirroring to copy new/changed files then remove existing files from the preferred server's share that aren't on the source server.

Be careful if you choose to enable mirroring. Existing files that aren't on the source server for that share will be deleted. Be sure to move any important files that exist only on the preferred server share before you enable mirroring.

Also, if you enable mirroring, make sure there is only one source replicating data to the mirrored share. If multiple sources are replicated to a mirrored share, they will conflict, because the mirrored replication will delete data that isn't part of the mirror.

To enable mirroring for a source
  1. Click Tools > Distribution > Content replication / Preferred servers.
  2. In the Sources tree, right-click the source you want to mirror and click Properties.
  3. On the Mirroring page, select Enable mirroring.
  4. Click Save.