Configure preferred servers

You can specify the preferred server that devices will check for software distribution packages. This can be important in low-speed WAN environments where you don't want devices downloading packages from off-site servers. When you specify preferred servers, you can also specify the credentials managed devices should use to authenticate with each preferred server. You can also specify the IP address ranges that a preferred server will be available to.

To configure preferred servers
  1. Click Tools > Distribution > Content replication / Preferred servers.
  2. In the Content replication tree, right click Preferred servers (Targets) and click New preferred server.
  3. On the Configuration page, enter the server information and read-only credentials. Click Test credentials to make sure the credentials are valid.
  4. On the IP address ranges page, enter the IP address ranges you want this preferred server to allow.
  5. On the Selected replicator pages, select the replicator, run options, and schedule. Click Help on each page for more information.
  6. On the Sources page, select the source paths to be replicated.
  7. On the Write credentials page, enter the credentials the replicator should use to write replicated files on the target preferred servers. Click Test credentials to make sure the credentials are valid.
  8. Click Save.