Update replication settings

Replicators check for new settings each time they run. If you change settings on a replicator but keep the schedule the same, the replicator will get the updated settings automatically the next time it runs. However, if you change the replication schedule, the replicator won't get the changes until its originally scheduled run time occurs.

For example, if a replicator was originally scheduled to run once a month and you later change the schedule to once a week, the schedule change to weekly might take an entire month to update.

When changing replication schedules, you should schedule a subsequent apply settings task to update the replicators with their new schedule and settings.

To update replication settings immediately
  1. Click Tools > Distribution > Content replication / Preferred servers.
  2. In the tree, right-click the preferred server, source, or replicator you want to update, and click Apply settings now.