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Customize a report template

All reports are based on templates provided with Ivanti® Endpoint Manager. If you want to customize a report template, you need to open the master template file in the report designer. For example, you might want to add your company name and logo to the template, or change the basic page layout, font, or other elements.

There are three template files, one with a portrait orientation, one with a landscape orientation, and one for dashboard templates.

NOTE: Report templates are installed on every device that you install a console on. If you change a template on the core server, that template is used when you run reports on the core and from the Web console. However, other consoles will use the template that was installed on them. If you want to use the revised template on other consoles, you'll need to copy the template file to each additional console or create a distribution job to distribute the template files.

To customize a report template
  1. In the Reports tool, click the Edit template button on the toolbar.
  2. Select the portrait, landscape, or dashboard option.

    The template opens in the report designer.

  3. Make any changes in the report designer. When you have finished, click the Save button on the toolbar.

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