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Scheduling reports

If there's a report you need regularly, you can schedule it to run ahead of time or during off-hours when the core database load may be lighter. When you schedule a report, it is saved to the LANDESK Reports share (ldmain\reports) and also sent to any users on the core server who have Report rights and who have an e-mail address associated with their user name (in the User management tool). E-mailing reports requires an SMTP mail server.

A report that is saved to the Reports share is based on the scope of the person who scheduled it. In the case of reports sent to other recipients, the report uses the scope of each recipient to filter the data.

To schedule a report, a user must have the Reports - Deploy right.

If you want to distribute a report that you have run, save the report in the format you want and then attach that file to an e-mail message. The report will use your scope. Users with rights to the Reports share can also view the report from that file location.

NOTE: If you save a report and plan to e-mail it, use the PDF format rather than HTML output.

NOTE: Running reports with extensive data can consume large amounts of system resources on the core server. Because of this, only one report can be scheduled at a time. If one report is running and you schedule other reports at the same time, the second and subsequent reports will be delayed until the first report has completed.

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