Installing a rollup core

You can use a rollup core to combine the data from multiple core servers. IvantiĀ® Endpoint Manager uses native SQL Server replication to roll up core data. You can use a rollup core database to generate reports based on data from all cores in your organization. You can't schedule tasks from a rollup core database.

You can roll up data from cores using Endpoint Manager version 9.0 or later. The rollup core must be installed from the latest Endpoint Manager version. All cores must be using the same database type, and SQL Server Express isn't supported.

To install a rollup core
  1. Set up a server to host the rollup core and database.
  2. Install the database the same way you would for a normal Endpoint Manager installation. For information on installing the database, see the Ivanti community at
  3. Log in to the rollup core server with an account that has administrator rights.
  4. Install the rollup core through the autorun on your Endpoint Manager installation source. Finish setup.