Configure security activity threshold settings

Security activity information for your managed devices can build up quickly and adversely impact the performance of the core database.

Use this dialog box to define data collection time periods and control the amount of security-related data that is stored in the core database for the Ivanti Antivirus, Application Control, and Firewall tools. This information appears in the corresponding Security Activity views.

About the Threshold Settings dialog box

  • Common Thresholds:
    • Threshold for recent activity views: Specifies the time period (in days) to collect security activity for devices that have been scanned and have returned antivirus activity.
    • When displaying results, truncate lists to: Indicates the maximum number of entries to display in the lists in the activity dialogs. You can specify 1 item to 999,999 items.
  • Ivanti Antivirus:
    • Pattern files out of date if older than:
    • Threshold for license expiration warning:
    • Threshold for not recently scanned: Specifies the time period (in days) to collect device information for all devices configured with antivirus that have not been scanned.
  • Automatic purge (Application Control / Ivanti Firewall only):
    • Automatically delete activity older than: Indicates the maximum number of days to keep reported Application Control and Ivanti Firewall activity for protected devices in the core database. You can specify 1 day to 999 days. (IMPORTANT: Ivanti recommends that you carefully watch the amount of data being sent to the core and find an optimal number of days so that Application Control data doesn't use too much space or hinder core database performance.)