Purge security activity

From time to time, you may want to purge security activity information for the various security components. You can do this with the Purge activity toolbar button in Security Activity.

Security activity purging is a one-time task, not a scheduled task or policy.

About the Purge security activity dialog box

Use this dialog box to completely remove activity records from the console and core database.

This dialog box contains the following options:

  • Select activity type: Specifies which security component activity information you want to purge.
  • Select computers: Specifies which managed devices' security activity is purged. (Note: You must be an administrator user to perform this task.)
  • Select date range: Specifies the earliest date from which security activity is purged. Or, you can simply purge all of the existing activity information with the All records option.
  • Purge: Completely removes activity records for the selected security activities.