Role-based administration with Ivanti Antivirus

Ivanti Antivirus, just like Patch and Compliance, uses role-based administration to allow users access to features. Role-based administration is the access and security framework that lets Administrators restrict user access to tools and devices. Each user is assigned specific roles and scope that determine which features they can use and which devices they can manage.

Administrators assign these roles to other users with the Users tool in the console. Antivirus is included in the Security Configurations right, which appears under the Security rights group in the Roles dialog box. In order to see and use Antivirus features, a user must be assigned the necessary Security Configurations access rights.

With the Security Configurations right, you can provide users the ability to:

  • Deploy agent configurations with Antivirus to target devices
  • Download virus definition file updates
  • Create scheduled updates
  • Create scheduled antivirus scan tasks
  • Create antivirus settings
  • Deploy antivirus scan tasks and change settings tasks associated with antivirus settings
  • Enable real-time file and email protection
  • Configure antivirus scans to scan for certain file types
  • Exclude certain files, folders, and file types (by extension) from antivirus scans
  • View antivirus scan activity and status information for scanned devices
  • Enable antivirus alerts.
  • Generate antivirus reports (also requires Reporting roles)