Antivirus task workflow

The steps below provide a quick summary outline of the typical processes or tasks involved in implementing antivirus protection on your network with Ivanti Antivirus. Each of these procedures are described in detail in subsequent sections.

Basic steps in implementing and using Ivanti Antivirus

  1. Configure managed devices for antivirus scanning.
  2. Download virus definition/pattern file definition updates from a security content server.
  3. Determine whether to make virus definition files available to managed devices immediately, or to first evaluate them in a pilot test environment.
  4. Create on-demand and scheduled antivirus scan tasks and policies.
  5. Configure antivirus settings to determine scan operation and end user options.
  6. Scan managed devices for known viruses and suspicious files.
  7. View antivirus scan results for scanned devices.
  8. Configure antivirus alerts.
  9. Generate antivirus reports.