Configure antivirus alerts

You can configure antivirus alerting so that you can be notified when specific virus outbreaks are detected on managed devices in your system. Antivirus uses the standard Ivanti alerting tool.

You define virus outbreak parameters based on the number of managed devices infected by a virus in a specified period of time.

To configure antivirus alerting

Antivirus alert settings are found on the Antivirus page of the Alert settings dialog box.

You must first configure the antivirus alerts in the Alert Settings tool in the console. Antivirus alerts include:

  • An alertable antivirus action failed
  • An alertable antivirus action succeeded
  • Virus outbreak alert (per virus)

The following antivirus events can generate antivirus alerts:

  • Virus removal failed
  • Virus removal succeeded
  • Quarantine failed
  • Quarantine succeeded
  • Deletion failed
  • Deletion succeeded

Select which alerts you want generated. The time interval option lets you prevent too many alerts. More than one alert (for any antivirus trigger) during the specified time interval is ignored.

You can view the complete antivirus alert history for a device in its Security Information view. Right-click a device, select Security Information, select the Antivirus type in the Type drop-down list, and then select the Antivirus History object.