Configure devices for Antivirus protection

Before managed devices can be scanned for viruses and cleaned, they must have the Antivirus agent installed. You can do this either during initial device agent configuration or with a separate installation or update task.

Considerations regarding Antivirus deployment

If you deploy Antivirus to a device, existing 3rd-party antivirus products will be removed.

IMPORTANT: Clear password protected antivirus software
If the existing antivirus software product is password protected, you must first clear the password before Ivanti Antivirus can uninstall the software.

Configure devices for Antivirus protection

To configure devices with Antivirus via an agent configuration
  1. In the console, click Tools > Configuration > Agent Configuration.
  2. Click the New Windows toolbar button.
  3. After specifying your desired settings for the agent configuration, you must first click the Start page, and select the Ivanti Antivirus 2017 option. Now you can access the options on the Ivanti Antivirus 2017 page.
  4. Click the Security and Compliance group, and then click Ivanti Antivirus 2017.
  5. Select an antivirus setting from the available list to apply it to the agent configuration you're creating. You can create new settings or edit existing settings by clicking Configure. Antivirus settings determine whether the Antivirus icon appears in the device system tray, availability of interactive options to end users, email scan and real-time protection enabling, file types to scan, files and folders to exclude, infected file quarantine and backup, scheduled antivirus scans, and scheduled virus definition file updates.
  6. Finish specifying any other settings for the agent configuration and then click Save.

You can also configure devices for Antivirus with the Security Configurations tool.

Use the Security Configurations tool

If you want to install or update Antivirus at a later time, you can do so as a separate task from the console.

To install or update Antivirus as a separate task
  1. In the console, click Tools > Security and compliance> Agent settings.
  2. In the tree, click Security > Ivanti Antivirus 2017.
  3. Double-click an existing configuration to edit it, or right-click and click New.
  4. Adjust the File protection, Real-time protection, Network/Traffic, Schedule Tasks, and Update servers page settings as necessary.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Right-click the setting you modified and click Create scheduled task.
  7. Add targets and schedule the task for deployment.
  8. Click Save when you are ready.