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Evaluate virus definition files with a pilot test

You may want to first evaluate virus definition files before deploying them to all of your managed devices. You can easily do this by restricting virus definition file updates to a pilot test folder, and then applying antivirus settings with the Download pilot version of virus definition files option selected.

To run a pilot test of virus definition files
  1. On the Download update dialog's Ivanti Antivirus tab, click Restrict them to a pilot test first.
  2. If you don't want to manually move tested virus definition files from the pilot test folder to the default folder (\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldlogon\antivirus8\win\bases8), click Schedule approval to create a scheduled task that specifies a time to approve the pilot test files. Fill in the fields in the task that appears in the Scheduled tasks tool. When the specified time arrives, the virus definition files are automatically approved and moved.
  3. To download the most recent virus definition files from the Ivanti® Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager content server, click Get latest definitions.
  4. To immediately approve the virus definition files currently residing in the pilot test folder, click Approve now. This moves the virus definition files from the pilot test folder to the default folder (\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldlogon\antivirus8\win\bases8).
  5. Next, create a pilot test antivirus settings that allows you to deploy virus definition files to a limited set of testing machines. On the antivirus setting's Virus definition updates page, select Download pilot version of definition files.
  6. Apply the pilot test antivirus settings to an antivirus scan task that you can use to target your limited set of test machines. Now you can observe the antivirus scan activity and results on these devices in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the downloaded virus definition files before deploying them to a wider audience.

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