Scan devices for viruses

This section provides information on scanning managed devices for known viruses as well as suspicious objects.

IMPORTANT: Scanning requires the proper content subscription
Remember that in order to scan for a specific security content type, including viruses, you must have the corresponding IvantiĀ® Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager content subscription. For information about content subscriptions, contact your Ivanti reseller, or visit the Ivanti website:
Ivanti Home Page

Scanning methods

There are several different methods of running an antivirus scan on managed devices that have Antivirus installed.

Antivirus pattern updates, full scan, and quick scan scheduling is done through agent settings.

To modify scan scheduling
  1. Click Tools > Configuration > Agent settings.
  2. In the tree, click Security > Ivanti Antivirus 2017.
  3. Double-click the agent setting you want to modify.
  4. On the Schedule tasks page, modify the schedule.
  5. Click Save. Devices using the agent setting you modified will automatically receive your updates. If you modified a different agent setting, deploy it as necessary to devices.

Run an on-demand antivirus scan from the console

You can run an immediate on-demand antivirus scan on one or more target devices.

To do this, right-click the selected device (or up to 20 multi-selected devices), click Security and Patch > Ivanti Antivirus 2017 scan now, select an antivirus setting, choose whether to update virus definition files before scanning, and then click OK.

When you click OK, the Status of requested actions dialog displays the following information:

  • Progress
  • Results
  • Scan time information

Schedule an Ivanti Antivirus task

If you want to scan a larger batch of devices, you can schedule an Ivanti Antivirus task.

To schedule an Ivanti Antivirus task
  1. Click Tools > Agent settings.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Create a task button, and click Ivanti Antivirus task.
  3. Configure the task settings, target devices, and the task schedule.
  4. Click Save.

Run an antivirus scan at a managed device

Additionally, if you've configured antivirus settings to display the Antivirus icon in the device system tray, end users can perform their own on-demand antivirus scans.

To do this at the managed device, right-click the Ivanti Antivirus taskbar icon, and then select Scan my computer. Or from the Antivirus dialog box, click Scan my computer.