Generate security authorization codes

Create an authorization code that will allow an end user to perform a blocked operation for a brief period of time. You can use an authorization code to provide temporary access for a specific user or for an IT administrator to have access to a managed device.

For example, if a user attempts to connect a USB device that is not allowed by a Device Control settings, a pop-up message appears on the end user device that includes an operation code. The user would provide that operation code to the administrator, who uses it to generate an authorization code that is given back to the end user. This allows them to perform the action on a temporary basis.

To generate an authorization code
  1. In the Agent Settings tool, click the Configure settings toolbar button, and then click Generate authorization code.
  2. Enter the operation code provided by the end user.
  3. If the operation code is valid, an authorization code is automatically generated.
  4. Enter the operation type that the end user wants to perform.
  5. Give the new authorization code to the end user. The user enters that authorization code when prompted in order to perform the blocked operation.

CAUTION: Inaccurate pop-up message
When a user is given access via an authorization code, a pop-up message on the end user device may indicate that Application Control has been disabled regardless of the actual action taken by the user. This message can be ignored.