Additional endpoint security information from the Ivanti community

The Ivanti endpoint security agent (EPS) provides two main ways to protect applications running on the endpoint: application behavior protection and whitelisting protection. Application behavior protects applications against malicious change to the application itself (for example protect against in-memory attacks), and allow and deny listing prevents untrusted applications from running.

The EPS agent also protects itself and other Ivanti agents from tampering. The EPS agent will prevent deleting/modifying files protected by it. This protection is always active and does not require any configuration.

For detailed information on these EPS features, see The Definitive Guide to Ivanti Endpoint Security on the Ivanti community:

  • Application behavior
  • Application blocking
  • Allow and deny listing
  • Application firewall
  • Malicious activity detection
  • 3rd party integration, such as SIEM
  • Browser isolation for unpatched browsers
  • Device network isolation