Configure devices for Endpoint Security protection

Before managed devices can be protected from zero-day attacks, they must have the Endpoint Security agent installed. The Endpoint Security agent is a single agent service that manages all of the Endpoint Security components, including application control.

You can configure devices for Endpoint security either during initial device agent configuration or with a separate installation or update task.

To install or update Endpoint Security on managed devices via an agent configuration
  1. In the console, click Tools > Configuration > Agent Configuration.
  2. Click the New Windows toolbar button.
  3. After specifying your desired settings for the agent configuration, you must first click the Start page, and select the Endpoint Security option under Security. (This deploys the agent to target devices, but you still need to select application control settings.)
  4. Now you can access the options on the Distribution and Patch > Security and Compliance > Endpoint Security page.
  5. Select one of the settings from the available list to apply it to the agent configuration you're creating. You can create new settings or edit existing settings by clicking Configure. Make sure you select the Endpoint Security components that you want to use from the Default policy page.
  6. Finish specifying settings for the agent configuration and then click Save.