Running CoreDbUtil to reset, rebuild, or update a database 

The CoreDbUtil.exe utility, in the core server's \Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite folder, creates all the tables, indexes, and constraints needed to use the core database. Before running CoreDbUtil.exe, you must install your database correctly or the table creation may fail. CoreDbUtil.exe looks for registry keys on the core server to determine the core database connection information.

Use CoreDbUtil to:

  • Build components: Updates the schema (specifically to include column additions) in an existing core database from metadata.xml. This isn't destructive to existing data.
  • Update Display Names: Updates the Display Name field in an existing core database for all devices in that database. This isn't destructive to other existing data.
To run CoreDbUtil
  1. On the core server, run CoreDbUtil.exe
  2. After CoreDbUtil connects to the database, select the option you want.
  3. Wait until the Status is finished. Depending on the database size and the task you chose, this could take a few minutes or several hours.

If you reset the database, some patch management features won't work correctly until you do the following.

To update patch management database components after resetting a database
  1. Launch CoreDbUtil as follows:

    CoreDbUtil.exe /xml=datamartpm.xml

  2. Click Build components.