Manually activating a core or verifying the node count data

If the core server doesn't have an Internet connection, the Core Server Activation utility won't be able to send node count data. You'll then see a message prompting you to send activation and node count verification data manually through e-mail. E-mail activation is a simple and quick process. When you see the manual activation message on the core, or if you use the Core Server Activation utility and see the manual activation message, follow these steps.

To manually activate a core or verify the node count data
  1. When the core prompts you to manually verify the node count data, it creates a data file called {languagecode}-activate.{ datestring}.txt in the "\Program Files\Ivanti\Authorization Files" folder. Attach this file to an e-mail message and send it to [email protected]. The message subject and body don't matter.
  2. Ivanti will process the message attachment and reply to the mail address you sent the message from. The Ivanti message provides instructions and a new attached authorization file.
  3. Save the attached authorization file to the "\Program Files\Ivanti\Authorization Files" folder. The core server immediately processes the file and updates its activation status.

If the manual activation fails or the core can't process the attached activation file, the authorization file you copied is renamed with a .rejected extension and the utility logs an event with more details in the Windows Event Viewer's Application Log.