Set up additional Endpoint Manager consoles

The Endpoint Manager console is automatically installed on the core server. This console should be installed on Ivanti administrator’s machines that need full functionality or access to all the Endpoint Manager tools. The console is used to interact with the various Endpoint Manager features, for example, to distribute software, remotely control managed devices, view inventory information, and perform other management functions.

For additional utility and functionality, consoles can be installed throughout the network. (Ivanti doesn't charge extra for additional consoles.)

For more information on supported platforms, see this document in the Ivanti user community: Ivanti Endpoint Manager Architecture Guidelines.

To install an additional console
  1. From your installation media, launch Setup.exe.
  2. In the main welcome screen, select an installation language and then click Continue.
  3. Accept the license agreement and then click Continue.
  4. On the What do you want to install page, make sure Additional Console is selected and then click Continue.
  5. Follow the remaining installation prompts.