Create a license record

If your license data is in a format not easily imported, you can enter the data manually on the Products>Licenses page. The data you enter is stored in the database and is used to calculate compliance.

To create a license record
  1. Click Products > Licenses.
  2. On the toolbar, click New > License.
  3. Enter data on the five pages of the Create License dialog (Definition, Associated products, Records, Purchase, and Shipping).
  4. Click Save when you have finished.

NOTE: If you’re using the French-language version of SLM, Microsoft has a bug in their regional settings that affects French-language digit groupings. For numbers of one thousand and over, Microsoft has a default setting of a space character instead of a period for the digit-grouping symbol (for example, 1 234 567,00). Because of this bug, when entering numbers in the French-language version, SLM will not allow the period character to be used.

To fix this problem, you must change the setting in the Control Panel > Region and Language applet. Click the Additional settings button, and change the Digit grouping symbol from a space to a period (or whatever other character you want).