Edit product details

After a product appears in one of the Product views (Monitored, Discovered, Ignored, or All), you can edit its details. Generally, you'll want to edit only the details of products you're actively monitoring and using in license-compliance calculations. These products appear on the Products>Monitored page.

Product details are a mix of read-only data or data you enter manually and include the following:

  • Definition: The product name, version, and manufacturer (read-only), as well as the product status that you can change (Monitored, Discovered, or Ignored).
  • Installation detection: The files associated with detecting the product on devices (read-only). If you've created a custom product, these options are editable. For more information, see Specify files to detect product installation and usage.
  • Usage detection: Additional files you can add that indicate the product is being used on devices. For more information, see Specify files to detect product installation and usage.
  • Unit price: The cost of licenses for the product used in software license monitoring's calculations. If the unit price is automatically calculated, it's an average of all unit prices from different licenses. If you specify a unit price, software license monitoring will use that price for all licenses of the product. For more information, see Specify a unit price for a monitored product.
  • Allocations: If you have defined a computer group as an allocation unit, you can charge back the costs of IT support for product licenses that the group is using. For more information, see Allocating licenses and chargeback costs to a computer group.
  • Reclamation: A process you can set up that runs a reclamation task on product licenses, freeing them for use on other devices. For more information, see Reclaiming product licenses.