Edit a discovered product

  1. Click Products > Discovered.
  2. Find the product using the Search box or Select products filter.
  3. Select the product and click the Edit button on the toolbar.

    The Edit product details dialog opens; some items are read-only and some items are editable.
  4. Under Status, select Monitored or Ignored to list this new product in one of the product views.
  5. Click Installation detection. Note that all options are read-only.
  6. Click Usage detection. You can add files that indicate the product is being used.
  7. Click the Add (+) button. In the Add files dialog, you can select an existing filename (one that exists in the inventory database), or you can click Define new file and specify the filename, size of the file, and version number for the product file. Repeat this for every product file you want to use to determine when the product is being used. When you have finished, click OK.
  8. Click Unit price. If the options can be edited, select a method for calculating the unit price:
    • Select Use automatically calculated unit price if you have multiple licenses for the product with different unit prices. If you select this option, the unit price is an average of all unit prices from the different licenses.
    • Select Specify a unit price if you want to use the same unit price for all calculations. For example, if you have two licenses with different unit prices for the same product and you want to use the higher price for calculations, you can specify that unit price here.
  9. If you add product information that will affect license and usage calculations, such as when a product is associated with a license that you are actively monitoring, select the Calculate compliance after save check box to initiate a recalculation so compliance reports stay up to date.
  10. When all information is complete, click Save.

You can also set up license allocations or a reclamation process for this product. For more information, see Allocating licenses and chargeback costs to a computer group and Reclaiming product licenses.