Importing license data from a CSV file

You can import existing license data from a previous version of Ivanti® Endpoint Manager or from another data source. The data must be saved as a CSV file.

  • The only required column in the CSV file is the Name column.
  • If you don’t know what to put into a column, leave it blank. The import process will add a default value for any blank column.
  • After the license property columns, there are columns for associated products. They are called “Associated Product 1” and “Product 1 Version”, “Associated Product 2” and “Product 2 Version”, and so on. Put the product name in the “Associated Product x” column and the product version in the “Product x Version” column. If there is no product version, leave the column blank. The import process will look for matching products with the supplied product name and version. If multiple products are found with the same name and version, all of the matching products will be associated with the license. Any number of products can be associated to a license.
  • The import will not override existing licenses. If an existing license matches the name of a license being imported, a new license record will be created with the name of “<License name> [1]”. The number in brackets will be incremented with each additional match so that every license has a unique name.
To import license data
  1. Prepare a CSV file with the license data you want to import, using the guidelines listed above.
  2. In the software license monitoring console, click Products > Licenses. On the toolbar, click the Actions > Import from CSV.
  3. Browse to the location of your CSV file, and then click Open. The license data is added to the database and is displayed in the Product>Licenses page.
To review the imported licenses and edit the data
  1. Click Product>Licenses and select a license in the list.
  2. On the toolbar, click Edit. Review the data on each of the five pages of the edit license dialog (Definition, Associated products, Records, Purchase, and Shipping).
  3. Click Save when you have finished.