Viewing license reclamation status

License reclamation tasks are listed on the Products>Reclamation page. You can look on this page to see how many reclamation tasks have started and how many products have been successfully uninstalled to make licenses available.

The license reclamation process runs on the schedule you set for a specific product or in the reclamation defaults. As that process is executed, it creates reclamation tasks. The tasks will run depending on the choices you make:

  • If you select the Start scheduled tasks immediately after creation option (in the product details dialog or in Administration>Reclamation Defaults), the task will run after the reclamation process creates the task.
  • If you don't select that option, you'll need to open the Endpoint Manager Scheduled tasks tool to manually start the task or schedule when it will run.

You can view the status of reclamation and export the data to a CSV file to help keep track of the licenses that become available through reclamation. You'll also see tasks for each product in the Scheduled tasks tool. However, it's easiest to see the status for a reclamation task on the Products>Reclamation page, where you can also create a report in CSV format of which products have been uninstalled.

To view the status of license reclamation tasks
  1. Click Products > Reclamation.
  2. To find a product in the list, type at least three characters of the product name in the Search box.
  3. Select a product and click Edit to change any of the product's settings. Click Save.
To save the data in comma-separated value format or as a printable report
  1. Click Products > Reclamation.
  2. In the product list, select a product and right-click it. Select one of the listed options.

The license reclamation data is listed by product and includes the following columns:

  • Product: The name of the product. This may be a normalized name that includes different variations of the product name.
  • Task Start Date: The date the reclamation task is started. (Tasks don't start automatically unless you select the Start scheduled tasks immediately after creation option.)
  • Devices Targeted: The number of devices that meet the reclamation criteria and thus have been targeted to have products removed.
  • Successfully Uninstalled: The number of devices from which the product was uninstalled.
  • License Value: The total cost of licenses that have been reclaimed. This figure is based on the unit price associated with each license.
  • Task Status: The status of the reclamation task. This status matches the status column in the Endpoint Manager task scheduler. If the status shows Needs attention, you'll need to edit the reclamation task for the product to see what is wrong. The problem will appear highlighted in red.
  • Type: The computer group type, based on whether it's created by query or device-group parameters in the database.