Use a query to define when a product is installed

In inventory scans, most products are detected with executable files that indicate a product has been installed or is being used. In some cases you can detect that a product is being used on a device by searching for other inventory data.

To do this, create a query in the Endpoint Manager network view that is based on inventory data. You can then reference that query as the item used for installation detection when you create a custom product.

For example, if a product is licensed with a dongle key that must be connected to a device to use the product, you can create a query that identifies the dongle as a hardware inventory item. When a device has the dongle connected, the inventory scanner identifies the dongle. That data is matched to the product by the software license monitoring (SLM) console when you associate that query with the product. In SLM calculations, the existence of the dongle indicates when the product is being used.

Another example is when you have a font installed that is licensed per device. You can create a query with the font name and version, and then associate that query with the product definition for the font. The inventory scanner will find any use of the font, and that data will be reported in the SLM console.

IMPORTANT: Any query you create for product identification must contain Computer.ID as one of the query components; if it's not included, no data for the query will be returned. Add the component to your query, and also select it as one of the columns to display.

To use a query for product installation detection
  1. In the Endpoint Manager console, open the network view and right-click My queries. Select New Query. Define the query with items that identify the product you want to monitor and include Computer.ID as a component. Save the query.
  2. Click Tools > Reporting/Monitoring > Software License Monitoring to open the SLM console.
  3. Click Products > Monitored. On the toolbar, click New > Custom Product.
  4. Enter the product name, version, and manufacturer name.
  5. Click Installation detection and select Use query detection.
  6. Click Browse. Under My queries, find the query you created. Select it and click OK.
  7. Add any other product data on the Usage detection, Unit price, Allocations, and Reclamation pages. When all information is complete, click Save.