Reset usage calculation for a product

Normally, product usage is calculated from the first time a product is found in an inventory scan. Over time, you may have situations where you want to reset the calculation to get a more accurate picture of current product usage.

For example, if a product has been installed for several months and used a few times on some devices, you can reset product usage calculation for that product. After you do this, the new usage data (number of launches and minutes used) will reflect only usage from the time you reset it.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when you reset a product's usage calculation, the existing product usage information for that product will be removed from the database.

To reset usage calculation for a product
  1. Click Products, and then click a product view (Monitored, Discovered, or All installed products).
  2. Find the product using the Search box or Select products link.
  3. Right-click the product and select Reset product usage.
  4. Click OK to confirm that you want to delete the information.