Viewing the license optimization dashboard

The Dashboard>License Optimization page includes reports that estimate the savings you can gain by removing unused software from devices in your organization. These reports focus on installed products that have never been used or have not been used for a specified length of time.

NOTE: Products are considered "never used" when a value of 0 is returned in the inventory data for the amount of time the product has run. However, it is possible that a product is installed and the person using it has only launched the application one time and then closed it in less than one minute. In this case, the product will still show in the dashboard and in reports as "never used."

Report: Estimated savings from never-used installations

This report lists the five never-used products that would save your organization the most if you uninstalled them from devices. This is based on the number of never-used product installations multiplied by the unit cost associated with the product.

Report: Top 5 software harvest opportunities

This report lists the five products with the highest number of never-used or infrequently used product installations. It does not estimate costs, but it lists the number of devices with each product unused within a certain number of days (31-60, 61-90, over 90, and never used).

Advisor: Number of installations never used

This report lists each product with the total number of installations that have never been used.